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Introducing Señoritas Professional Detail

Providing the best results overall period

Señoritas is now providing vehicle detailing services to Redwood City - Madera and surrounding areas. Fair prices, superior quality and exceptional customer service are guaranteed when you work with us. We offer a variety of detailing services to a variety of vehicles ( Auto, ATVs, Watercraft, & Aircraft). We are new to the area, but we bring years of experience and professionalism backed by clients that have placed us as the only business to take care of their vehicle for any detailing needs. We have worked on different types of vehicles and would love to keep adding more to the list of restored vehicles. Washes, Detailing ( Full paint corrections), Paint Repair, Vinyl, WRAP, and Window tinting is what we have to offer. No vehicle is the same, so make sure to contact us for a complementary quote on the service that your vehicle needs.

About Us

Honest & Efficient Work

Our business began due to the results delivered by car washes or individuals offering detailing services and leaving our vehicles in poor / damaged condition (yes, we had a paint correction done to get rid of swirls & light scratches on our cars and ended up with more deep scratches, or the time we had the engined washed and ended up with damaged parts and multiple electrical problems from there on). We thought, "there has to be someone who can leave  our vehicles looking just like vehicles in car events, showrooms, and that won't damage our vehicles in the process". We tried high end car washes, the result was no different than the regular car washes missing multiple areas untouched. We tried auto detailers/spas (mobile detailers) and we saw an improvement but noticed most were providing us with the 'glorified' wash service. Our conclusion? Anyone can clean a vehicle, however, doing it properly is what makes the difference. Which is how we are here today making a difference for those who more than just a regular clean or a job that is considered to be clean. Bring your vehicle to us because we give our all to each vehicle, every day (in our minds we treat your vehicle like a master piece at a museum). We have the patience and enjoy to do what we do, and thanks to the Internet we will be sharing each step along the way, for you to enjoy or for you to notice our results. We did all the research, put in all those hours, and through trial we picked up on the techniques needed for each desired result; all so you could just sit back and relax knowing that your vehicle will not just be cleaned, but that it will each area of your vehicle will be handled with the care it needs.

Quick information about the video:

97' Chevy Silverado Black original paint. It is the oldest original paint we have serviced and not only did we do a full paint correction to it. We also added ceramic protection to the exterior ( Paint and Glass) all around the truck. It felt great that as the truck was parked it turned many heads and we were told it look like it had just rolled out the dealership. We look forward to keep sharing more amazing stories like this one, because the client was more than happy!